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The Government refuses to
 provide Redress
to the People's First Amendment Petitions for
of the Constitution


We've got a Plan to fight back.

“If money is wanted by Rulers
who have in any manner oppressed
the People,
they may retain it
until their grievances are redressed,

and thus peaceably procure relief,
without trusting to despised petitions
or disturbing the public tranquility.”

1774, Journals of the Continental Congress, 1:105-113


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 Part 2

    The Constitutional Crisis  

The U.S. Government has abandoned
the Rule of Law as defined by the People
via the Constitution.

The numerous crises currently confronting our Republic are not the result of poor political policies.  These evils are the direct result of decades of violations of the U.S. Constitution by our servant Government.

In defiance of the natural Sovereignty of the People,
the Government has steadfastly, and repeatedly, ignored the Petitions of the People seeking Redress for these most egregious violations of their Fundamental Rights and cherished Freedoms.

The tide of history is upon us. Our Liberty may soon be forever lost unless the People rise quickly, peacefully and forcefully to restore Constitutional Order to the Republic.

Thankfully, our Founders left us a powerful, but little-known weapon in the Law to peacefully secure Redress without relying upon fixed elections, corrupted courts or resorting to the exercise of the Right of Revolution embodied by the Second Amendment. 

It's time to get organized and exercise this profound Constitutionally protected Right.
Acta non verba

Click for the "Constitutional Crisis in a Nutshell"  



Read the Project Revolution flyer! Our full-color WTP Brochure
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It's time to confront our
domestic enemies!

It's time to exercise the last ten words
of the First Amendment!



    The Plan to Restore
Constitutional Order
Read the PLAN OVERVIEW   Give us your Comments

A.  Sign the Petitions
 Sign   Details   Flyer     
      Goal: 1,000,000 signatures by June 30.

B.  Serve the Petitions for Redress of
June 30th - DONE
 Formally serve the Petitions for Redress upon
      every U.S. Representative and Senator at their local
      (state) congressional District offices

C.  Federal litigation:  DELAYED 
What do the last 10 words really mean?
A limited number of volunteer Plaintiffs will initiate
      a federal lawsuit in each of the (11) Appellate Circuits.
      The purpose is to force the federal Judiciary, in
      particular, each of the U.S. Courts of Appeal, to
      provide a formal judicial declaration of the constitutional
      meaning of the First Amendment Petition clause. 

D.  Protest to Secure Redress: Sept. 17 Details
Commit to the Sept 16-17 D.C. event & hunger fast    
      Support Bob Schulz in DC as he wages a peaceful
      Constitution Day protest and 
hunger fast to
      force the U.S. Government to provide
      Redress to the Petitions of the People. Local and
      regional "Hungering for Redress" events are also
      planned. Read the 8-16 update and signup for DC

We need your commitment!     

Help us raise the many $'s needed
to educate our nation!

      Join the WTP Congress as a member & help fund
      a multi-million dollar national publicity project to
      educate America about the Right the Government
      hopes the People will never learn about.

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  RIGHT-Click to download the
  PowerPoint presentation he used.
 (.zip file, 12 MB)
 Watch this 30 min. segment
 of a recent 3-hour presentation
 by WTP's Bob Schulz exposing
 the profound power of the First Amendment Petition clause and its 800-year history. 

(The most relevant Right to Petition material begins
w/ Part 6 of 9
                Part 2
  Part 3
    Part 4   Part 5   Part 6
    Part 7   Part 8   Part 9


The Petitions For Redress of Grievances

1.  READ the Petitions (below)
2.  To obtain a password,
                 JOIN our e-mail list
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3.  SIGN the Petitions
- Full instructions here!

The Petition for Redress Regarding

printable version

The Petition for Redress Regarding

printable version

The Petition for Redress Regarding

printable version

The Petition For Redress Regarding

printable version

The Petition for Redress Regarding

printable version
The Petition for Redress Regarding

printable version
The Petition for Redress Regarding

printable version 

  Printable petition signing forms for
  local group events are also available

SIGN the Petitions
Full instructions here!

    Latest News  
Read the news updates from
Project Revolution

Aug. 22 -- Ron Paul "Responds" to
                Petitions for Redress

Aug. 18 --
DC Sept 17:
                Mass Hunger Fast

July 27 --
 Will Ron Paul Respond?

July 18 --
 TRUST: Plan Depends on it

June 25 --
More "Publicity Bomb" Tools

June 22 --
"Publicity Bomb"

June 14 --
"It's up to the People to
                 save the Constitution

June 12 --

June 8 --
                 TIME IS SHORT

May 22 -- The Profound Plan For Freedom is unveiled.

Apr. 16 --
Schulz in DC announces Right to Redress hunger strike begins Aug. 11

Feb. 4 --
U.S. Supreme Court commits Constitutional treason in refusal to hear landmark Right-to-Petition lawsuit.
Read the legal brief





    Scholarly Research  
Study the compelling legal and historical academic research irrefutably establishing the true meaning of the First Amendment Petition clause.

RIGHT-Click to download these files
(Adobe .pdf format)
A Short History
S. Higginson, Yale Law Journal
319 KB
Vestigial Constitution
G. Mark, Fordham Law Review
716 KB
Neglected But Absolute
N. Smith, U. of Cincinnati Law Review
454 KB
Sovereign Immunity & The Right
J. Pfander, Northwestern U. Law Review
340 KB
Bill of Rights as a Constitution
A. Amar, Yale Law Journal
749 KB
Court Access: A 1st Amend. Challenge
C. Andrews, Ohio State Law Journal
1084 KB
Implications For Rule 11 Sanctions
Harvard Law Review
233 KB
Petition & Access To The Court
C. Andrews, Ohio State Law Journal
991 KB
How The Judiciary Stole
The Right  To Petition  
J. Wolfgram, UWLA Law Review
Libelous Petitions
E. Schnapper, Iowa Law Review
146 KB

Watch this short interview
of Bob Schulz from the historic Colonial Inn in Concord, MA where the
first shots of the 1776 Revolution were fired.
Schulz provides highlights
of the Right-to-Petition initiative and a brief overview
of "Project Revolution."

Watch the C-SPAN July 2004
RTP event

Watch the
3-minute PREVIEW 

Donate to obtain
your own copy



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        We the People Must Defend
     the Constitution!




    The Landmark WTP
Right-to-Petition Lawsuit
In January 2008, after almost 5 years of litigation, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal of the landmark WTP lawsuit seeking a Judicial declaration
- for the first time in history - of the Constitutional meaning of the last ten words of the First Amendment.

By failing to hear the case, the Judiciary treasonously abdicated its primary constitutional function and legal duty,
i.e., to interpret the Constitution.

Click here to access ALL the materials from the landmark RTP lawsuit, including the links below:

"No Answers, NO Taxes"
Text of DC speech by Bob Schulz, 11/14/2002

U.S. Supreme Court DENIES
    Petition for Writ of Certiorari
Read the update

The Complaint WTP v. The U.S. Government

Supporting Affidavit detailing the People's path
to the Judiciary to Secure Redress

Access the lawsuit Court Record:
Copies of ALL legal filings & Court Orders including
briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court.



Watch Aaron Russo's 2006 documentary
featuring the legal research and Right-to-Petition
initiatives of the WTP Foundation

wake up

America: Freedom to Fascism

Trailer (4 min) FREE     Full movie (1:49)  FREE

    Our First Petition for Redress:
The Income Tax Fraud

In 1999, the WTP Foundation commenced
a multi-year research
effort to investigate well documented claims that
the Income Tax system is
a legal fraud upon the People and enforced without any Constitutional authority.

After finding significant substance to the claims of numerous tax law researchers, attorneys, and constitutional scholars familiar with details of the fraud, in 2000 the Foundation began to serve a series of Petitions upon the U.S. Government for Redress of Grievances, challenging it to provide official answers to the hundreds of specific legal questions posed in the Petitions.

Aside from legal harassment by the Government & IRS
in their efforts to suppress the publication and widespread dissemination of this potent legal research, the People
have yet to receive any response to the Petitions.
Watch the 4-minute video of former IRS Commissioner Mark Everson evading a direct question asking him to cite the specific U.S. law requiring payment of income taxes:

Here are some of our Petitions for Redress
regarding the income Tax Fraud:

Date: Regarding:
June, 2006 DOJ Dismisses all criminal charges after the "OMB" evidence is raised as the sole defense
at a federal criminal income tax trial. Be sure to review the linked research, legal exhibits, etc.
Damning Tax Law Research
Be sure to access the detailed "Attachments" at bottom containing research details and evidence.
The Income Tax Petition for Redress
(2008 ver.) Be sure to access the Attachment containing over 500+ legal facts over 14 areas of inquiry challenging the income tax fraud. To this day, the Government refuses to directly refute or rebut any of this compelling legal research.
You can still sign the Income Tax Petition.