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June 7, 2006

“Why Won’t They Answer?”
50-State Tour Starts July 1st

WTP Right-to-Petition Events
To Generate National Exposure

Volunteers Needed

Petition Progress Report

Approximately six years ago the We The People organization submitted it’s initial First Amendment Petition for Redress of Grievances to officials of the U.S. Government.

Since then, WTP has continued to Petition officials and representatives of the People and has unflinchingly stepped up its demand for answers from our servant government regarding a number of well documented constitutional torts, including violations of the Constitution’s War Powers clause, the Money clauses, the 4th Amendment privacy Rights, and the Taxing clauses.

Since that first Petition, styled as a “Remonstrance”, the government has summarily ignored We The People’s Petitions. Instead of responding to our petition questions, the government has continued to abuse us while we exercised our Rights.

As we recently reported, we now await the attention of our nation’s highest courts to our litigation over the unanswered petitions.  We are working assiduously to obtain their declaration, for the first time in history, of the meaning of the last ten words of the First Amendment to our Constitution: 

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Aims of the Petition Litigation

The long and hard fought effort to secure this judicial declaration will bring a precious reward if we are successful: the enjoyment of renewed Liberty in our nation.  We believe our efforts will lead the Courts to rule that government must listen to and answer Petitions for Redress of Grievances.  They will thereby reconfirm the Sovereignty of the People and set in motion the rebirth of the vision of responsible liberty penned in our Founding documents.

If the Courts declare, instead, that political interests and the needs of our government outweigh our individual Rights as enumerated in our Constitution, then We the People will have the information necessary to take the appropriate next steps to restore our Constitution to its rightful place.

The “Why Won’t They Answer?” Tour

To arouse the awareness of the People to the meaning and importance of the First Amendment’s “Petition Clause” and to the significance of our lawsuits, the WTP organization will take its profound message to all 50 states this summer.

During the 71-day nationwide tour commencing on July 1st, WTP Chairman Bob Schulz will conduct daily public briefings to members and meetings featuring opinion leaders who want to join the chorus of folks asking “Why?” and saying to the federal government, “We want you to answer the questions!

Click here to see the Tour Schedule and latest details

RIGHT-Click here to download a printable copy
of the tri-fold Tour Brochure

Opinion Leaders Invited to Meet and Speak

We will invite a variety of opinion leaders to speak at our meetings and rallies.  They will include attorneys, law professors, journalists, authors, actors, directors, athletes, coaches, business men and women, union heads, pastors, priests, evangelists, local DJs, representatives and wannabes, stars from the big and little screens, Freedom Keepers, and activists from all walks of life.

We have special interest in inviting leaders of various movements defending against erosion of Constitutional rights to bear arms, own property, enjoy privacy, obtain due process, and have an honest, ethical government free of corruption.  We want such groups to join our cause because our cause supports their aims of preventing illegal immigration, electronic voting, national ID cards, Radio Frequency Identification chips in humans, judicial corruption, executive orders and signing statements, warrant-less spying, and other police state tactics.

Goals of the Tour

Our tour has the following major goals: 

·         Promote public awareness

·         Boost membership enrollment

·         Cultivate cross-organizational alliances in support of the exercise of the Right to Petition

·         Further build the WTP Congress activist network

·         Garner support for the national WTP Right-to-Petition pre-election events scheduled for 18 September and 9 October, 2006. 

We shall purchase advertising space and time in the national media to announce the tour and expose the Right to Petition issue to the public. 

The tour culminates with two national-scale events:

·         A September 18th Constitution Day event in Washington DC and in each state capital, and

·         An October 9th Give Me Liberty 2006 event in Washington DC.

Activities During the Tour

Each day WTP will conduct a two-hour meeting which will begin with an address to the local crowd regarding our progress in exercising the Right to Petition and the upcoming national events.  Each meeting will then transition into a one-hour live Internet webcast of the Liberty Hour featuring that meeting’s guest speaker. Weekday meetings will be scheduled for 7-9 p.m.

On Constitution Day, September 18th, Freedom Keepers will gather in every state capital and in Washington, DC and once more, publicly demand responses to our Petitions, including new Petitions for issues from immigration to electronic voting and national ID cards. These will be signed throughout the summer and served on all members of Congress and the President on Constitution Day.

On October 9th, the People will again gather in Washington, DC for a live nationwide webcast featuring a limited number of national opinion leaders and organizations that are forging the frontlines in exercising our Right of Accountability, our Right to a Response to our Petitions for Redress of constitutional torts and our Right of Enforceability.

WTP National Volunteer Task Force

In order successfully to execute the Why Won’t They Answer? Tour, we hereby call on WTP Congress Coordinators and members, and others in our nationwide network of supporters.  We ask each of you to now step forward as a National Volunteer to work with other volunteers to set up and execute the meetings in your State. 

National Committees Oversee Activities

To provide adequate direction and management for each State Task Force, we have established a series of national committees with oversight responsibilities.  Each committee will ensure that they and their volunteers accomplish their tasks for each of the 70+ meetings.

WTP will designate a Task Force Leader for each state to coordinate all the activities within that state, including formation of the necessary committees.   The Task Force Leader will form the following committees of volunteers to do the following: 

  • Arrange meeting rooms
  • Provide on-site meeting support
  • Contact and schedule guest speakers
  • Handle media relations and advertising
  • Arrange lodging and other accommodations for the tour
  • Recruit new members to the WTP Congress
  • Obtain state capital event permits for September 18th.

Call to Action for All Americans
 and All WTP Congress Members

Please make the personal commitment now to do your part in helping us make this tour a resounding success.

We do not overstate the issue when we say that the future of our Republic depends on our collective ability to ensure that the responsible people of our nation learn about, exercise, and enforce our Right of Accountability through the Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances.

WTP cannot achieve success without your personal, individual help. Each of you members now face the bottom-line reason you joined WTP.   The time has arrived for you to leap into action.  This IS YOUR call to action:

Enroll as a Volunteer NOW

Click here to become a National Task Force volunteer for our “Why Won’t They Answer?” tour.

When the form appears, be sure to provide the following information:

1.       Your areas of interest

2.       Brief comments if you can contribute to the tour in other ways.  For example, tell us if you can interest a celebrity or popular personality to appear on the Liberty Hour to announce a personal desire for the government to respond to Petitions for Redress.

Your Financial Assistance Needed

We also implore each of you to consider the significant financial costs of undertaking an initiative of this magnitude, including tens of thousands of dollars for meeting rooms, video web-casting bandwidth, computer and camera equipment, travel and lodging, media and advertising purchases, and so on. 

YOU are We The PeopleOnly through your generous gifts can our Foundation can carry out its mission.  Many hands make for light work.  Donate whatever money you can afford to do your part in making this tour successful.

Please click here to make a tax-deductible donation to the WTP Foundation.

Are You a Member of WTP?

Many people who read this do not have WTP memberships.  Some members have allowed the annual membership to expire, and should renew now.  

All responsible Americans who agree with the goals of WTP should join and enjoy the benefits and responsibilities of membership.  You should know that WTP is like the Fourth Branch of Government, the People’s branch that institutionalizes vigilance and keeps the other branches honest.  America’s governments at all levels suffer from terrible corruption for one reason:  because people like you did not exercise vigilance and did not hold your government officials accountable for their crimes, misdeeds, and negligence. 

Through WTP membership, you can help fulfill that precious responsibility belonging to every American who craves the enjoyment of liberty and freedom from government corruption. And, as you know, your membership dues help immensely in funding the Right-to-Petition litigation and other vigilance activities of WTP on a national and local level.

Please click here to join or renew your membership in the We The People Congress.

WTP Congress Coordinator Re-Applications

During the early years of the WTP Congress, we populated our network of state and county coordinators on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

At that time, hundreds of capable and committed individuals stepped forward to serve the Congress. However, as you might expect, a sizeable number did not function well in a leadership position.

Since then, the WTP Congress has constructed new computerized management systems and a new management structure to support a cutting-edge business and financing model capable of providing financial compensation to WTP Congress Coordinators and ordinary Congress members in partial recognition for their personal contributions in building Congress membership and helping the Congress achieve its mission of institutionalizing vigilance.

The $hare Remuneration Model

For example, we have developed a new program called “$hare” that shares membership dues revenue with members whose work produced that membership.  The $hare program makes it possible to pay effective WTPC Regional Directors and State Coordinators, the equivalent of a full-time professional salary, and to pay County Coordinators for the results they produce.

We believe it is important to attract professional, full-time leaders and conscientious activists into We The People Congress, not only with the nobility of our goals, but also through fair remuneration for results achieved.  The $hare model allows us to do that.

Having implemented the new management and $hare funding model, for which we shall release more details soon, we now must reevaluate the talents, skills, and abilities of each individual serving in these important Coordinator positions.

Call for Professional Managers and New Leaders

By identifying and placing the best and most talented available people in our key positions, we assure the Congress of professional management and dynamic, results-oriented leadership.  These leaders and managers will carry out their missions and earn direct rewards for their successes. 

To accomplish this, the WTP Congress senior management has begun soliciting information from current State Coordinators and Regional Directors, as well as from other members who want to serve in those key positions.

We have developed a short application form asking each management candidate for pertinent information and disclosures regarding professional experience, personal skills and resources, available time commitments, and so on.
We now ask that each current State Coordinator, Regional Director, and anyone else interested in serving those (2) capacities complete the application form, sign and notarize the form, and mail it to the WTP home office immediately. 

RIGHT-Click here to download the "fill-in-the-blank"               Click here for the smaller "print-only" version.
version of the application form
 (1.7 MB, Adobe .pdf)

Once we have completed the re-evaluation of both the Regional and State-level managers and have selected individuals from among the candidates for those higher-level positions, the State Coordinators will then begin the process of re-evaluating and selecting candidates for all the County Coordinator positions.

Our goal:  to identify and select, from the tens of thousands of supporters nationwide, those who are willing to step forth and competent to serve in a leadership role.  Our regional and state executives must have the professional skills, personal commitment, and leadership ability to serve as full-time WTP Coordinators.

All Regional and State Level Coordinators and Candidates
Should Submit New Application Now !

To restate our request: We now call on all qualified persons interested in candidacy to serve as a WTPC National, Regional, or State Coordinator to submit an application for the position.

PLEASE NOTE:  We require this application even if you are an existing Coordinator.

Please mail your notarized application for Congress
STATE or REGIONAL positions
ONLY asap to:

We The People Congress
2458 Ridge Road
Queensbury, NY  12804

Please note that all persons selected for managerial positions must execute
an Independent Contractor agreement.  WTP Congress will provide remuneration
pursuant to the terms and conditions of that agreement. 


Click here to become a National Task Force volunteer
for our “Why Won’t They Answer?” tour. 
You will be contacted shortly!

Click here to see the Tour Schedule

Click here for a copy of the Tour Brochure

to download the "fill in the blank"
Congress Coordinator application form.
(1.7 MB) 
Click here for the smaller "print-only" application.

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or Renew your membership online.
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