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Ex-IRS agents testify: the income tax is a hoax

These are "stickers" that you can easily put on your  website to help drive viewers from YOUR web pages to OURS so they can learn about the WTP Foundation & Congress, the Freedom Drive, etc.

Here's what "stickers" are and how they work:

When YOUR web page is loaded by a person it first loads your web page text, etc. Next it loads from our website the graphic you see and a "click activated" hyperlink back to our website.

When your user clicks on a WTP "sticker", it temporarily sends them to our (home) WTP webpage where they can learn about the income tax hearing, make a donation, join the Congress, sign up for the Freedom Drive, etc.

You don't have to develop any graphics or do any programming.  You don't have to write any text.  Just make a space, then copy & paste.

They're easy to install. Here's how to do it:

1)  On this page click the "View HTML" button for the "sticker" you want to put on your site.  (The computer code appears)  If you are the geeky type you can try to decipher it . . .

2) Highlight and COPY all the html programming code you see.  You can use "Ctrl-A" to highlight all and "Ctrl-C" to copy it to the "clipboard" in memory.

3) In your WEB PAGE EDITOR (e.g., FrontPage) follow these steps:

  • Make a BACK-UP copy of your page -- just in case
  • Click the cursor at the position on the page were you want the "sticker" to be
  • Switch to view your page in HTML mode.  This is the small button (or tab) marked "HTML".  Scroll down if needed.  The cursor is blinking right where it needs to be.
  • Press "Ctrl-V" to PASTE the HTML code from the clipboard into the HTML code of the page. Don't worry about HTML formatting, text wrapping, etc.
  • Use the PREVIEW mode to see the sticker.
  • Like what you see?  SAVE THE PAGE!

That's it.  Thanks for helping the cause!

Technical problems or special needs?          E-mail our Webmaster

Please consider placing multiple WTP stickers on your most visited web pages.  This is a VERY inexpensive way for us to spread the word and grow the WTP Congress . . .

Please get these on any web site you personally control or have influence over.

More styles and images are coming soon, so keep checking back and choose some more !